Sweet Tessa

sees birds, originally uploaded by katiek2.

I thought I would only have two kids. I had my boy and my girl, I was all set. But how could I ever have lived without my sweet Tessa! The struggle I went through in my brain trying to transition back into a mommie of a little one was so quickly eased by the joy of having you. You are a perfect blend of playful and snuggly. Quick as a whip, you were moving, walking, climbing and talking in no time. You have figured out how to swing it with the big kids so well. I think we might forget that you’re a good 3.5 years younger. But now you’re two. No longer that little baby. But you will be that funny little performer for all of us. That sweet long lashed snuggler, who makes awesome goofy faces that keep us giggling. Your brother and sister are so blessed to have you. I never knew you would be such an awesome gift. Darling freckled girl. The bIondie none of us knew was coming. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful things you have in store! Happy Birthday sweet bird!


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