Snow Day Soup

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Oh what a glorious snow day we’re having! The anticipation, the cancellations. One. by. one. After a sleepy TV session last night, I woke up on the couch at 2am to a glowing livingroom. Somebody turned up the lights! The whole house was glowing from about 5 inches of snow. I woke Joel up (who was on the opposite couch) and we went to bed, feeling at peace that all the hype was not for nothing.
Before I could even change outta my jammies, we were heading out to the playground to slide and throw snowballs. Then we decided to get brave and sled down the mound that the snow covered bulldozers had left for us. Perfect kid sized sledding. Hunger began to set in.
Now I’ve been trying to be good. I gained 8 lbs over Christmas break, and whoa boy I was feeling wretched! But I had the craving for soup and it wasn’t going to be fat-free.
My latest trip to Costco, I picked up a HUGE bag (everything is) of broccoli florets. And I had a huge bag of cheddar that we were chipping away at in the freezer. Brocoli cheese soup was in order! Here’s what we did:
1/2 onion 3 cloves of garlic sautéed in olive oil. 4 cups of water and two cubes of chicken bouillon. 1tsp salt, pepper to taste and a 1/2 tsp thyme. 2lbs of broccoli (this was only half the bag). Steam it for just under 10 min. Puree with stick blender til smooth. Add 1/2c half n half (oh yes). And I had some Muenster deli slices that we were having a tough time getting through, so a put three slices of that, then another handful or so of mild cheddar.
Oh my goodness it was so good! After 20 minutes, you have a light green blissful cream soup that we will be eating all day! Unless Joel invites people over to eat it for us. Of course, Joel made himself a cheese ball with a huge block of gorgonzola we got from Costco over Christmas. Yes, my husband made a cheese ball. I love him so.


One thought on “Snow Day Soup

  1. Hey Katie! I’m glad you found my blog so I could find YOURS! I had such a fun time on New Year’s. Your son was like, my partner in crime tricking Linen in tag. You have a beautiful family. I’m looking forward to keeping up with you/your art here!!


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