Any Given Sunday

Last night Joel and I went to Cat and Nano’s engagement party. Much fun was had, and this morning there was nothing that was going to move us from the house. One lovely thing about being home all morning and being the Mama is the joy in making something special to eat for a late morning snack. Now that Christmas is long past, and art shows and projects are tapering, I have enjoyed cooking and baking. Being creative with food. Of course, it helped that we were snowed in. Creativity is very helpful in those times of upheaval. I have mostly been motivated by the large quantities of things I have bought from Costco. It’s a challenge to find things to do with, for instance, 4 lbs of quinoa. I want to use it, not super quickly, but I want to use it. On Angry Chicken, Amy had posted Martha’s Quinoa Muffins recipe. It was easy enough. Eden has wanted to “make something” almost everyday, and this was an easy one to do with her. I made a few substitutions that Amy suggested and I also made a few changes myself. I put a smidge of molasses and I used half wheat, half white flour. It’s always a winner for my waffles recipe. I sat down and curled Eden’s hair with our new curling iron while they baked and then much  yumminess was had by all. Some butter and honey. Mmmm. So I of course neglected lunch. In my new snobbery for good bread with a short ingredient list, I didn’t have any quick sandwich options. I was watching the clock and dreading the future melt downs of my children since nothing was ready to eat! So I began to scour all my cookbooks. Another food challenge I have from my Costco purchases is a 6 pack of canned salmon. I love salmon, but I’ve never tried to use it canned before. I did use two cans for a seafood cream sauce over noodles, but it still felt really fishy after cooking it. The left overs weren’t getting eaten, so I probably won’t try it again. In my trusty Whole Foods for the Whole Family cookbook (La Leche League) there was a recipe for Salmon patties. Yes.
I looked at the recipe and I was missing quite a few things, but I knew I could fudge it. And it came out quite well:
3 6oz cans of salmon, undrained
2 eggs
1/2 onion chopped
1/2c ww flour (or more)
1/4c chopped sweet pepper
1/2 tsp garlic salt
pepper to taste
1/2 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp thyme
small handfull of chopped fresh parsley
dash of white wine
1/4c-1/2c olive oil for frying
Flake salmon and mash well. Add all ingredients (except oil) and mix well. Heat oil on medium heat. Pat salmon mixture into 3″patties, make sure they’re firm. Fry in oil until golden 5-7min total for both sides. Serve with lemon and tartar sauce. YUM!!

One of my most favorite Costco purchases is a big ole bag of brussel sprouts. I made some the other night with dinner and I thought Joel’s tongue was going to fall to the floor he loved them so much. So I thought these little boogers would go great with fried fish goodness.

I have a recipe for brussel sprouts in a cook book by Heidi Swanson called Super Natural Cooking. It’s a good intro to super foods that are super good for you. Anyway, anything that takes a veggie, cooks it lightly, with a bit of oil, salt and pepper, lemon and a sprinkle of parmesan in awesome in my book. So yummy. My kids reaction is one for the ages. Typical reaction to brussel sprouts, “Ewwww!” Oh well, I’ll keep trying. I will wear them down, moo-hahaha!

Joel a I couldn’t help ourselves when we served up the fish patties, we just had to reference Sponge Bob’s Crusty Crab. The kids gobbled them up. I might just have to make sure Plankton doesn’t steal my recipe too.


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