Eight is Great

elephant2, originally uploaded by katiek2.

We’re celebrating a pretty awesome 8 year old today. Even though his birthday was over a week ago. Sickness got in the way.
Jos still has that red hair and those deep dimples. Time to throw down ninja style for my Josiah!
Turning eight is pretty awesome for a boy named Josiah. Have a read in 2 Kings 22 (and chapter 23) about King Josiah and how he served God. He was blessed even though God was pretty ticked at His people. Josiah found the law of God and tore his clothes off in grief that they had been living such a sinful life. He destroyed idols, and false prophets and basically did some major cleaning up.
So I’m excited that my Josiah is eight. And that he can identify with someone in the Bible who was great. I pray he will be so brave.
He’s only asked me to call him “king” once since his birthday. We had a good giggle. Whatta great kid.


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