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There is a part of each of us that wants to be fabulous. Perfect body of the perfect height, perfect hair, skin, hands and feet. Beautiful clothes, jewelry, accesories. Beautiful homes that are decorated impecably. Our generation seems to thumb it’s nose at a lot of that. We have a comfortable elitism that prevents us from needing that fabulous side. We are fine with our jeans and t-shirts, our clog-type shoes, our big purses that are practical and make-up is almost laughable. Our houses are comfortably messy (at best), casually decorated, and full of furniture that we acquired cheaply or for free. It kinda bugs me sometimes.
This weekend I went to a wedding expo. It was a Homespun event where everything caters to those of us who love the hand-made, the unique, the less-than-traditional. But still, it is fabulous, because everyone of us wants to be fabulous on our wedding day. We don’t want to be homely or bedraggled; we want everything to be sparkly, glowing, matchy-matchy. Food should be pretty, tasty, and memorable. The invitations, the dancing, and the decorations, all we want is for it to be, FABulous. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
When I go out with my friends to anything I have that longing to be fabulous. I never really desired it that much when I was younger, except on those days (the prom, the banquets, and yes, the Big Day). I have often felt that I might be missing the fabulous gene. I’ve often leaned toward comfort, practical and uber-afforadable. I have friends who know what is “in”, research the designers, the artists, the critics. I might gravitate, but I never commit fully to The Trend. If I did commit, maybe I would truly be FABulous.
Walking around a wedding expo is kinda strange. My reality is constantly cleaning up, putting away, serving, and managing little people. I am handling, greasy, sticky, stinky, wet, dirty, and cruddy stuff almost all day. When I wondered from booth to booth and the vendor asked with a sparkling smile, “Are you getting married?” I would grin and say, “No, I’ve been married a long time” the fabulous part of me feels different. It smiles although it’s painful to let go of yourself and your desires daily in order to tackle the things that seem the most mundane. Weddings aren’t about the mundane! They are about exactly what you want! A day that is for you! A time to celebrate your personal joy in the one you have found to partner with! A wedding is a big deal, and being married a long time is also a big deal.
I had to deal with the strangeness of that twilight zone. The push and pull of the new and old. I love that my best friend is getting married! I want to use my fabulous side to celebrate her and her man. She is more fabulous than I am, and she always has been. More daring, more curious, more adventurous with what she loves and surrounds herself with. She is willing to dive in where I stay in the shallow end. I am more fabulous by association! My husband is also fabulous and he also brings equally good things to my life.
I still want to be comfortable, and save lots of money. But I think that being fabulous is in order more often for me. Doing the hair, the nails, getting cute shoes and caring about whether something is ironed. Earrings(I love earrings), purses, lipgloss; these things make my daughter get a twinkle in her eye, why not me?! The part of me that loves my life truly believes that that part of me that is fabulous is there because of what I have chosen. Joy in the gift and pride in the doing. Yeah, this is a pep-talk post, but I hope it makes you put on your best to do something mundane. I wore my favorite skinny pants and my flashy earrings to the grocery store today. And I plan to paint my fingernails, really soon.
What’s that thing you love that makes you feel fabulous? Cuz you know you are.


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