The No Power [Bridal] Shower: Sweet and Spicy

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At the end of April we had Cat Collier’s bridal shower. This was the big one that you invite all your family friends too and give the gifts that you’ll use up until they break. Stuff like mugs, and muffin tins, towels and a waffle maker. All of the bridesmaids came together and planned this and that. We came up with the theme “Sweet and Spicy”. Now whether we pulled off this theme to the fullest is obvious, we didn’t. But we did have a really cute shower even though the tornadoes knocked out the power and we sat in the sunroom and the candle lit dining room enjoying the treats that we could serve without a heat source, or a working refrigerator. It just had to be OK, and honestly it was wonderful.

Suzanne, Cat’s little sis, and I went to a wedding expo with Cat, Nano and Cat’s mom. We loved the photo booth idea. Which is obvious.

I grabbed up some kiddie dress up items from home for our photobooth outside of the Collier home on a beautiful day. I made a quick chalkboard for everyone to hold, which ended up being especially cute when held by Cat’s new nieces. And also, Suzanne found the most delish popsicles at a local Latin food market. Photobooth with dress-ups and pops=super cute!

We stuck to Cat’s power themes of metallic colors and paper decorations. Laurie sent out some cute metallic invites, and we began to brainstorm about paper decorations. Laurie had a vision of white flowers made of paper attached to long branchy sticks to be a “sweet” decoration. And I started brainstorming about something “spicy” to go with it.

I wanted to make a lot of colorful “spicy” flowers, so I searched for a simple tutorial where I could make a lot, and look good together. Martha has a bunch, but this one was exactly what I needed! I got red, orange, and dark pink tissue paper, floral wire and floral tape and got to work!

I was making flowers everywhere. At Mom’s group, during Tessa’s nap time, during Sunday basketball games on TV, on our get away to Ellijay with friends. Good thing Ms. Genia Hawbaker is a wiz at making these! Hers were super perfect. Suzanne and I were in charge of decorations, and she said that she was not just making white, but she was making silver and goldish ones too. Uh-oh, I needed to make mine kinda metallic-y too. So, out comes the silver glitter spray paint!! I also make little leaves with silver on one side to kinda sparkle under all the color. They came out perfect!

Since Cat was marrying Fernando, and our theme was “sweet and spicy” we had to go with Tex-Mex food. Oh darn! I mean, I love that food, I could eat it 3 times a day. Cat’s mom has some Latina friends who made some amazing pico de gallo (YUM). We wanted to have some Mexican style quiches and I dreamed of coming up with the perfect Mexi-chocolate dessert. But with no power, we scrambled and got pastries, and nixed the quiches. I did make a chocolate pound cake and it was really good! We made mimosas because it’s the bride’s fave and we put out some Kahlua for the box of Starbucks coffee Mary ran out and got. For party favors our dreams were realized. This was a really fun to put together, and pretty affordable! I was searching for glass jars that were less than $1 a piece. It was harder than I thought. But after hunting dollar stores and thrift stores good old Walmart pulled through with cute squatty Mason jars. I found a cute template for labels, and thanks to a brilliant friend of mine (Tessa Ross) and her awesome idea brain, we wrote cute names for the two kinds of salsa we made.  We had a mild, sweet-fruity salsa and we called it “first kiss”. The spicy salsa was called “wedding night”. Tee Hee! I grabbed some quick supplies at Costco, including pre-made salsa and Suzanne made the special flavors with fresh ingredients. Eden and I washed the jars and put all the labels on. Thankfully, Mason jars have little stickers that come with them to go on the front, so Cat and Nano plus the wedding date could adorn each jar on a cute, small sticker!

I really wanted to get a Spanish newspaper and make big doilies with them, but I just couldn’t get to one of the many groceries and restaurants that have them. Maybe I just got lazy. I did use some contrasting tissue paper from the colors of the flowers and make big doilies. They came out great! I just cut them like huge round edged snow flakes. If they weren’t round enough when I was done foling them, I tidied them up after. They went home with Suzanne for a Cinco de Mayo party the next week. I loved how they looked against the vases and the flowers.

It all came together with some beautiful Cinco de Mayo paper banners that Cat’s aunt got, and also the paper goods echoed our cute theme. It was wonderful when Nano’s sister Monica said, “Aww, did you do this all for me?” She was kidding, but it did make me smile inside, like we did something right. Please check out Tim’s blog post with awesome pictures from the shower. He’s SO good at what he does!


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