Bachelorette Party on Wheels Part 1

Ah yes, the Bachelorette Party. There is a Girls Gone Wild feel to it isn’t there. But I really don’t have those sorts of friends. Phew! My best friend Cat is no fainting flower. We all knew that there was going to be a par-tay! Cat made it easy on us bridesmaids. She knew where she wanted to go for food and drink, and she knew she wanted to go rollerskating!! No Problem. But this night became something more memorable than I ever could have dreamed. It all came together in an amazing way and it was totally for Cat.

We met at Easy Bistro to get light food and drink. It was good way to ease into it all. We happen to be neighbors with the head chef and his wife, and my other neighbor Katie Smith knows them well enough to ask to get a private room and they gave it to us for free! Wow. it was wonderful! Katie and I also made some fun sparkly, and colorful swag for all the party goers to wear. Something about a b-ette party that I just can’t shake the Cindy Lauper “Girls just wanna have fun” colors. There was something fun for everyone. I made a big ‘bling’ necklace for the bride with some chipboard letters and a piece of thin cardboard. I spraypainted the whole thing silver and added some fluffy tulle and beady bits to dangle off the side with some hot glue. I added two pin backs so if Cat wanted to wear it like a pin she could. The pin backs also kept some gold and silver mardi-gras beads in place so Cat could wear it like some R&B bling (which I knew she would like).


Cat and her man Nano both have great taste in a lot of things, and they’re grown-ups, they know what they like. I had absolutely no problem asking Nano what kind of lingerie he would like to see Cat in. I took note from the lingerie party invite I remember from years ago (before Facebook events were so common) and the Maid of Honor send out the invite with a picture of the groom to be and a list of all the things he liked in lingerie. So, I asked Nano in a message what he likes, and he replied with the comment, “First of all, let me say, this is the most awesome question I have ever been asked!” Nano was one happy groom to be! Cat had lots of wonderful lingerie to open while we sat at Easy. She said, “I see a theme here.” thankfully, it was Nano that set that theme 🙂

Then there was the big reveal. Since I can’t seem to get this post to cooperate, I will post a part 2. Stay tuned for the rest!!


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