Bachelorette Party on Wheels Part 2

There was something that lined up just right for this event. Something I never could have planned myself. It just fell in our lap and it was perfect. Joel was in a little brainstorming mode one evening while I was talking about the party details and he said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if you guys could find a wall to spraypaint?” then he went on to tell me that Shaun Larose was talking about our local dive bar, Discoteca, and how the owners wanted to cover it in street art before it gets bulldozed. I think my mouth was hanging open and I started to feel tired. My creative juices were tapped, how was I going to plan a wall??? I told Suzanne, and her creative juices never get tapped (thank God) and she met with me and Shaun. We couldn’t believe we had a wall!Suzanne reassured me that it didn’t matter what we did, it was a gift to Cat and she would have a month to work on this wall if she wanted to!  Shaun dropped off permits for the wall the day before, so we were all legal. Suzanne got spraypaint and wrapped it up nice and pretty for the final gift to be opened by Cat at Easy. There was a card that was all cryptic about Cat and Nano “making their mark” on the city. Then I was given the honors of explaining what the spraypaint was all about. I think she was pretty excited.

And then, we were off to skate.


We had a good 45 minutes of skating before the DJ kicked us out. We vowed to return and show the 9 year olds that kept zipping around us that we actually could skate. And that we would make sure we got some music that we wanted to skate to. It was so fun, I love skating. I’m happy I didn’t fall 🙂

This is our wall. It looks so lonely doesn’t it. NOT FOR LONG!

We used the theme on Cat and Nano’s wedding invite: Trust-Love-Respect. Suzanne bought all kinds of colors (including metallics) and I made a few stencils out of a cereal box. I made a heart, a star, and a pen and paintbrush. We painted and partied until 2am. We only were questioned once by the firefighters across the street. When Cat, Suzanne and I all went to leave, Cat’s car was outta juice. Thankfully Shaun was down the street at my house (playing poker) and was on his way home.

It was so good, what a night. So much fun. I make every excuse to look through these pictures (by Lindsay Aquila) and to drive by Discoteca to look at our wall. I hope Cat and Nano get to work on it some more before demolition. And I can’t imagine a more fun monument to their new life together and to a great night of new and old friends.


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