me and my kids

me and my kids, originally uploaded by katiek2.

Summertime, a whole new challenge. Everyday I am scrambling to make each day good for my kids. Some days they have to be ok with the fact that we have to get stuff done, but most days it’s about giving something special to them. A splash in the pool, a good book to read, a project to make, good food to eat, good fellowship, and great scenery. If things just don’t “work out” or I put something off til the last minute it will make my heart hurt. I’ll cry sometimes. It’s my career choice, and it constantly is bringing me new things to die to. I can’t be selfish even for a minute. Even though I use too much time for myself daily. This morning I am again struggling with things that just haven’t “worked out” and I might just have to explain that it’s going to be one of those days the kids just have to be ok with what’s going on. Because they do need to build coping skills, and they do have to learn how to play with every type of person. Fellowship and growth is not easy. I’d rather be a hermit and not care sometimes, but I care about their little hearts, and I’ll do my best. I hope they remember that.


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