School in Full Swing

041, originally uploaded by katiek2.

I grieved the school year ending. I was afraid of what this school year would bring. Dreading homework, making lunches late at night, tantrums of exhausted kids. I wanted to have them around me, enjoying the outdoors and the activity. I wanted Tessa to have her big brother and sister to play with. But until we find another solution, off to school we go. A third and a first grader all bustling out the door. Calm and happy to be with familiar faces walking down familiar halls. My fears have to be pushed far far away as I am rewarded with my Eden reading so well, and Josiah plugging away faithfully with his math homework. My kids are growing so fast. I want to keep them so close to me. I want to absorb any of thier struggle and give them every advnture they want. But sometimes, sometimes, we just have to get to work. I’ve been gone from the blog for quite a while. I’ve been wanting to share all kinds of things. It’s been time for me to get to work too. Today, I just happen to have dinner in a crockpot, groceries put away, and laundry folded. Maybe I should be painting instead. Putting aside self is something I have to help my children understand everyday too. I want to sit at the computer and tune out their needs. I want to spend Tessas naptime watching TV and relaxing. But these days that my kids are working and I am at home waiting for them, I want to take it upon myself to be ready for them to return. I try to have my jobs done so I can be there for them. It’s really difficult and not something I achieve everyday. but I am glad that I did something to put time on our side. That time is precious. They are precious.


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