Christmas 2011

We always convince ourselves that Christmas is something that can be simplified, but then we tell ourselves that so many things are necessary. Cookies, parties, gifts for friends and teachers, 4 gifts for each kid (four!), stocking gifts, tree, decorations, new pj’s, whew! I’m tired just typing it. For someone like me (an artisan) Christmas can be a whole new level of financial blessing. This year was a bit busier in that department. It was good. But come Christmas Eve I was crying in bed thinking of all the things I wished I had done for my kids to make Christmas more special. Now that it’s a few days later, I’m over it. Christmas is better simplified.

I had two different art/craft events the first week of December. I did well. I had a number that I asked God for. I was only $5 shy of that total at the end of the weekend. But the following weeks brought 3 more orders. I had art students to give grades too, handmade gifts to make, American Girl dolls to pretty up, shopping to do, and love and provision to give to my precious family. Christmas put me in a fog! On top of that, my husband is looking to totally change his career path, and it’s all he thinks about. It’s good, but it means with me thinking of Christmas, and he thinking of his job, it put us on two different paths most days. I thank God we didn’t fight everyday!

Eden trimming the tree

Josiah singing the Pasada song at New City’s Children’s Christmas Program

There was much joy in the things we did. Egg nog, cookies, goofy Christmas songs, Christmas programs. It was good. We also had an added blessing/ challenge of going to spend Christmas Day with more Knutsons in Florida. It just pushed the deadlines up. I decided to nix certain things and it made us decide on certain presents because we were travelling in a Toyota Camry, all five of us. I was worried it would be an extremely awful ride there and back, but it was great actually. I guess those years of screaming babies makes you think they can’t ever cope, but they do. And bribing them with ice cream helps.

Laura’s 5 layer Peppermint Cheesecake Cake. It was amazing to watch her make it! And it tasted like a dream.

Kaden and Josiah posing in front of the tree

Going to Pensecola truly was a vacation. No cleaning, no shopping, no planning ANYTHING. That really was a great gift (thanks Nate and Laura!). Salted chocolate fudge that makes you want to slap somebody, and I love my Williams Sonoma cookie stamps too 🙂

Benji, the golden-doodle, was a super playmate. He almost makes me want to have a dog. Almost. He’s really cute.

Hi Asa!

Eden and Ari

With the kids out of school, a roadtrip under our belt, and all kinds of fun things to play with, I just want to cozy up with my family and take a big.deep.breath. The busy is over and we have another whole week to get bored out of our gourd. Full of special food and lots of TV time, card games and scrambled eggs for dinner don’t sound like such a bad idea. Leaving the little mousey house on the coffee table doesn’t seem cluttered and the mass quantities of crayons and colored pencils are out 24/7. It’s a welcomed break to spend quality time with my son who is growing into a young man right before my eyes. Time for my girls to be girls and tumble, squeal and bond over their new little animal toys. I can watch movies with Joel that we’ve wanted to watch forever and have evenings to talk about nothing but the new venture we’re planning soon. It’s good. I look ahead to the spring semester and say prayers for the things I will start up again that I need supernatural help for. They seem so far away, but I really should get started. It’s all good though. The simplifying I did do for Christmas was rewarded. But the 12 days of Christmas are far from over. Here’s to a simplified but fun New Year’s Celebration! Happy 2012 everyone.


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