Tessa’s Birthday Breakfast Party

Tessa has a birthday 4 days after Christmas, and I have been wondering ever since hr first birthday, how I was going to integrate a birthday party for her into our world. Since she is only three (but she has two older sibs to tell her that birthdays are the shizzel) I was thinking, “Let’s just put off the party until everyone is over Christmas and ready to party again!”

So that’s what we did. I was almost ready to throw in the towel, January events were beginning to pop up, and with Joel looking at a major baby of a new career, he has extra obligations. Was I ready to dive into birthday planning? Then my sweet Tess uttered wonderful words, “I want a waffle birthday!” Yes! That’s an awesome idea! I had broken my mixer this Christmas making cut-out cookies (darn it all!) and making breakfast was something just me and my wooden spoon could handle! No pun intended. So I made the half-assed commitment of facebooking potential guests and asking them to “save the date”. Then, I worked up the verve to think about it more. It was easy, and not nearly as difficult as The Ninja Party.

Then, on a grey blustery day that I basically decided “No way am I going anywhere….. except to pick the kids up from school”. I went through my small birthday supplies box, praying that I had enough to throw a party. Yes, I had blue and pink balloons, and my trusty Target brand ‘girl’ birthday banner. Money well spent! I loved making paper flowers for Cat’s bridal shower, so I just made HUGE ones, and wired three of them together to make puffs to hang from the ceiling. I used whatever color tissue paper I had for them. I wanted it to be a breakfast theme, but it isn’t a slumber party. So when I thought of colors, I wanted to have a sunny golden yellow, some pinks (it’s a little girl’s party) and I have a linen light grassy green tablecloth that dresses up my sad dining table.

Another important factor to this party was pajamas. I set the time of the party at 9am, there was no way I could physically not be in my pj’s let alone my kids! It was perfect, kids and mom’s alike came in jammies. It made for a super cute crowd.

In my mind, a party just isn’t a good one without a lot of good food. And breakfast food is awesome. I made a big quiche, full of veggies, bacon and cheese. I cooked up little smokies. I cut up several oranges and a couple bananas. I made a blueberry buckle, and took a chance and made muffins with the batter rather than putting it in the 8″x8″ pan. They came out great. I got juice boxes and I made waffles, a double batch. I got blueberries and whip cream and real maple syrup. Coffee and tea flowed as well. Ah, it’s great to eat breakfast. I mean, that’s why Cracker Barrels exist right?

The sunshines were fun to make. I had bright yellow paper, and I traced a kiddie bowl and free-handed the rest. Eden was dying to “help”. But if I give her something that she can’t achieve to the same level as I can, she flips out. I did not let her make the pom-pom paper flowers, but I let her make some sunshines. They look so cute. I got little dowels, and some floral foam and stuck the sunshines to the dowels along with the phrases “Happy Birthday” and “Good Morning”. I made one for the table, and one for the front porch. Happy sunshines.

The birthday girl wanted a birthday waffle, so when we sang Happy Birthday she got a waffle with some whip cream to hold the candles up a bit. Besides getting a little bit shy, it was fun for all.

One of the most important things for me when I have a birthday party at home is to KEEP IT SIMPLE. When you make it over the top, it can be amazing, but is it for you or for the kid? I’m alright with it being for you, it’s pretty dang fun to coordinate thematic stuff, but don’t expect it to matter as much to the kid. I only bought food, plates and plastic ware. I had all the paper and decoration supplies at home already. That was my personal goal. Of course, I am an art teacher. But with all the other events I have thrown, I want to make sure I use what I have. I think that’s important. Or you might as well have a Chucky Cheese birthday party where they make the food and decorate for you. It’s not less expensive, unless you keep it simple.

As I said for The Ninja Party, these are little children, they remember things as being big and awesome. They remember your joy in doing it for them. Make that the most important thing. For my three-year-old Tessa, she loved wearing her jammies, eating waffles, staring up at the pretty pom-poms and people watching. She had a great day with her buddies, and by noon, it was all done. Yes.


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