Homeschooling Part 1

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Not for the faint of heart. Not at all. This is not a diet, or an exercise plan. You cannot throw in the towel. All of a sudden, you are in charge of every moment of productivity. Or so it should be.
Then, there are the gems that make each day golden. There are the conversations that I would have missed. The siblings bonding like kids at summer camp. Listening to my daughter read poetry in the quietest voice…ever! Watching my son try to beat the “school clock”. Because they get out at 3. He can be done whenever he wants. It’s hard to get there, but when he does, he leaps like a surprised deer. He bounds toward the sunshine soaked door. He forgets his shoes. He leaves the door wide open. It doesn’t change and I sigh because it is so.
But at that moment I leap too. Because it means everything is done, just for that moment. I go from being the bad-guy to the one who unlocks the gate and sets him free.
“I’m going to ride my bike!” both of my big kids declare.
I push all my fears about if I’m educating them enough. I wade through the emotions my youngest is showing me of “mama withdrawl” and I just have faith that we are moving down the path toward the next chapter that defines us as a family. Growing together more, needing each other more, and learning together more and more.
Lord knows, I need to try something hard everyday. And if nothing else crosses my path, this takes the cake. Educating my children makes every fiber of my character stretch.
I’m definitely sore the next the day.


2 thoughts on “Homeschooling Part 1

  1. Ari

    hey guys. I’m so interested in watching you on this journey. Euan just started kindergarden up here in MA…at a public school i’m really excited about, but I sometimes contemplate homeschooling. I was so excited when you found Battle Academy…and now you’re homeschooling. I can’t help but think we might end up going down that path too some day, but i’m not ready yet (too many young babies in the house, too much fear of it, and too much excitement about being part of the community). I wish i lived closer to talk more. Sounds like you’re doing great!

    1. I don’t understand how mamas with little babies do it. I say use the school system to your advantage. I loved Battle while we were there. My kids know how to do so many things because they were in school. I am proud that they know how to be students. I feel like they are prepared to be students. And NOW I can remind them how they acted in school, and make sure they get that they should act the same with me. Homeschooling is a great option, but it’s tough. Really tough. But I am loving the rewards so far! Keep in touch girl! Your kiddos are beautiful! And I’m proud of your home birthing!

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