Life giving

Retro doors, originally uploaded by katiek2.

Sometimes stepping into the unknown is like taking a breath when you’ve been under water a split second too long. Life. breath. I have been described as a rope tied to a weight before. And I humbly bow to that and then reject it. I will be life giving. I will be a support. I will be a hand held out. I will be the one who says “yes”. I will take that step with you. I will let you speak. You can ignore me if you want. You can offend me and I will choose not to hate. I will feel pain and not show it. I will be loud and gentle at the same time. I will show love. And I will enjoy my moments alone. Absence makes me able to join with you when I am needed and not before. For I need my well spring of silence. I need my bushel of personal distractions. I need my stillness in my familiar space, in my skin, with my drugs of choice. There are doors, open and closed. There are wide expanses of sky and clouds. We live with both. And both have purposes. Square pegs and round holes. Let’s keep working until it fits.


3 thoughts on “Life giving

    1. I love how two of the most thoughtful women in my life responded to this! Being sacrificial in marriage and willing to grow and change is part of living life to the fullest. I’m trying to take this thought and also transpose it into a painting of some kind.
      Thanks for reading, friends and strong women.

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