My baby turns 4

Spikeymom's waitingFirst portraitwaiting her turnfirst meetingmy last Christmas present under the tree
"do I know you?"bundle2good lookanother tessabright eyesValentine
first smiles are happeningI love itproblemright onbirdmr brown can moo
rubber baby buggy faceawarewho wants curry?dishwasher 1tessa's 2nd snowWalking Walker

Tessa’s 4th, a set on Flickr.

Ah Tessa. There is something so unique about being number 3 and number 2 girl. You’re so fun. You’ve learned to roll with it from day one. You are completely entertaining, a breath of fresh air, you have almost have never caused us any inconvenience. But you are the piece our family was needing. We are not ourselves without our blondie bird to add that funny, awesome, beautiful finishing touch. In typical 4 year old form, you have the best sound bites these days. Pulling out all of your knowledge to blow us away with how smart and cute you can be at the same time. Your experiences have been dealt with two times before, but I still pause and know that for you, it’s the first time. Going to school, riding a bike, dressing yourself, going potty, discovering anything and everything. It’s all new, it’s all for you. And because you are “the baby” you will always get the most snuggles (and probably get away with the most). I’m kind of in denial that you are as old as four. I also am glad that my baby is getting older. I bounce back and forth from sad and glad. Your sweet face with painted on freckles and fair fair skin makes me so thankful for another life that I get to share in. I am so glad that I have these kids that are so beautiful and different. God has truly blessed me.
Happy birthday my sweet Tessa Patience.


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