Good morning, Thursday!

Good morning!, originally uploaded by katiek2.

I love Thursdays. It really is the beginning of my weekend. Of course, my weekend ends Saturday afternoon. But on Thursday, we don’t have to be anywhere until 9:30, and I don’t have to pack book bags for anyone. I can make fresh coffee, and I get two hours to hang with Tessa, just us. Tess went through some “mommy withdrawl” this past semester, she used to have me all to herself. Now, we still pretty much just end up going grocery shopping, but we get to be together, just me and her.
But ah, Thursday. I get to stay in my jammies 30 minutes longer. I get to browse online just a little bit. I get to gather my thoughts before Joel’s weekend arrives and our lives switch gears for a few days. Thursday I often get to be with friends. Tonight I get to hang out with Cat Collier Martinez, my BFF. Long time coming, ah.
I love love this picture of Tessa. It might have to be a painting. It captures her awesome little personality, and it captures the happy sight of happy kids that greet you in the morning light. I just can’t express enough how wonderful homeschooling is that I get to have my kids every morning to greet, gather, and learn together as a team. And on Thursday, we can relax and enjoy a slower pace. Yeah for Thursday!


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