People Pleasing


The load feels really heavy today. The cold, the rain. The noise and questions. The plugged up feeling I have in my head. So many people I have to please all at once. At least I feel that way. Things that “must be done” seem to choke me. Hands around the throat. I am just one person and I need a team. Oh, and the money that needs to be spent! How it swirls in my mind and makes my poverty spirit go haywire! “We can’t afford that! That’s not wise! Another expense!”
Oh how I long for the quieting of my soul. Lord, come and cover my frazzled shivering spirit with your arms. Blanket my heart with your peace. Make me rejoice in the changes and the little successes. It’s all so short this life we live. I wake up next week and my son is ten years old. Ten.
Time is yours. So is all my stuff. So are all my plans. My days and nights belong to You. Order my steps, because I’m standing in one place desperately waving my hands up in the air!
Jesus. Your name is peace.


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