What is done already

I am distracted by things happening today. My dad is having minor surgery. My friend has a tough trip to the doctor with her daughter today. And my boy, has another bout with poison ivy that I have not had time to treat well. My shoulders feel heavy but…

Give praise to the Lord , proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done. (Psalm 105:1 NIV)

What has been accomplished already?! So much. Death has been conquered. We live in victory! So the spirit that is weighing on me is merely a feather. I lift up my loved ones in prayer. I find joy in the beauty of those around me and the veils of winter over the mountains.

My son will be ten years old at the end of the week. Ten. Some days I feel the distance. Some days he is just as close as that newborn baby I held. So seeing him explore or suffer I watch from afar a little bit. His bravery of giving his heart away amazes me. I can’t begin to thank God for this child. I feel like childhood is over for him. May it never end. So even as I grieve the loss of my little boy, I rejoice at what already has been accomplished. Oh, the Lord is worthy to be praised for the things he has done in my sons life and what he will accomplish in the future. In Josiahs life and in mine.


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