Happy 10th birthday Josiah!!, originally uploaded by katiek2.

For February 3rd, 2013.
Square jaw, and fresh of face. Tall enough to ride in the front seat. Runs like a rag doll. Laughs with his whole body. Comments that are funny. Questions that are difficult. Critical thinking. Lots of reading. Longings that are intense and never ending. Beauty and sweat and dirt and elbows and knees. Clothes and shoes are used up fast. His gaze is forever, it sees the future. His next ten years will be amazing. His heart beats like the trusting child he is. His mind is a sponge of every thought of those around him. Problem solving and analyzing. Going until he can’t take another step. Faith that understands, yet patience escapes him every day. It’s all about you, but it never is. Let’s walk this slippery slope together, Josiah. My son, my boy, my forever parental pop quiz. Let’s be friends and teach me more about you. Let me lengthen those apron strings and let you go a little bit more. My love is deep, my gaze is long. Happy Birthday.


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