After almost 6 years of happy honeymoon bliss in our neighborhood of Jefferson Heights, we are putting our house on the market. We have our eyes set on a little place in the woods, on the side of the mountain. It isn’t a perfect scenario. I have had my share of wet blankets thrown on this situation, but we move on. The next challenges are just that, next. Forward. Enriching the next chapters of my life. Where my kids get taller than me, and my challenges change. Maybe I will landscape. Maybe I’ll design a cute little cottage get away space. Maybe I’ll paint something new! I have hopes and fears. We’ve had a blessed time in a home that needs no maintenance. A simple time of growth and exploration in a city I thought I knew. Joel and I have felt understood in Chattanooga. There are things that are always at the forefront, with this decision, we hope our new location and adventure will bring freedom and joy of another kind.
Bonfires, hikes, outdoor living. Shade, quiet, beauty, light. Friends, parties, hosting, conversation. It will take a new kind of energy. It will take a different kind of love. But the woodland creature in me needs to be nurtured, and yet the city girl won’t ever go away.


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