Craftsman, my Craftsman

This is the home we will move into this spring. It is different in many ways, but similar in important ways. This place celebrates the things we love, much like where we are now. But things are changing. This year has been a banner year so far. We are excited that this next chapter will bring new adventures. We have woods, paths, hideaway places. We have trees, flowers, animals and shade. We have fireplaces, porches, and walkways. We are going to be more of a location. We will be somewhere to visit. We will work hard to learn these new ropes.
Home education, and new career opportunities. Children growing like summer grass need space to be themselves, and to love living, growing things. I’m a different person too. I look in the mirror and I feel my heart changing. I need a new environment. I need to be courageous. I need dirt, critters, spaces to stare that are untamed.


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