Tessa and the Taylor Swift goat, originally uploaded by katiek2.

No Easter baskets.
I am suffering no mommy guilt.
My kids have held baby animals. They have eaten plenty of homemade chocolate desserts.
They have played outside in rain and shine.
The girls will wear dresses and shoes already purchased (or handed down). The boy will thank me for leaving his wardrobe alone.
They have not dyed eggs (but they have made owls out of clay and made models of Jupiter).
They are filled with the joy of new life and the rejoicing in good things. Praise God for his gifts! They do not fit in plastic eggs! Praise God for Jesus our Messiah! He has fulfilled every prophecy, and by his stripes we are healed! May all come to know him, his love, his healing, his holiness. Death could not hold him! And nothing holds him now! We are conquerors with him today and forever! Let us live with that victory, today and always.


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