Every moment is Touched

God is good when we can’t know what’s next. God is good when man is not. God is good and shows up in our smallest needs. He shows up every time I teach because I am WEAK.

Today I was recovering from an emotional train wreck. After a sun soaked Saturday and a Sunday afternoon of research and planning, I hit a wall. I wanted God to be glorified in my actions and in selflessness. I needed to do certain things, I didn’t get to do them because I saw something more important going down. But then I couldn’t trust that all my p’s and q’s would get checked. I saw all that was undone and I freaked.

I woke up today telling myself “it will all get done”. Everything is fine. Traffic, coffee, walmart, and everything else went just fine. When I knew the check out line at walmart was a disaster and it was sucking our time away from getting to class on time, I hugged Josiah and closed my eyes. It was going to be fine.
Twenty minutes for this art teacher to set up.
Say good mornings.
Delegate to my teachers aide.
Lord, you always make a way.
And He did, He always does.



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