Home that makes sense

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My friend, Marialice, asked if we would like to house/animal sit for them. I was hoping we wouldn’t need another place to stay, that we would close on our mountain home before the end of May, but that didn’t happen. We love my parents, and we love their home, but this little adventure seemed worth it. It really was.

We spent 5 night there. A home full of comforts and coziness. Porches, pets, food and sunshine. We soaked it up. It was like a stay-cation. Our friends, the Perkins, were in town from Boise and we were able to spend some time with them. Swimming and eating and watching the kids play. We talked about pain and sorrow and laughed at the oddities that our life had handed us. But most of all, we enjoyed being together. Sometimes that is just enough.

The end of May lends itself to some of the most majestic weather. To be done with school and to sleep in, to sit and relax on the porch or in a sun soaked room, the hours didn’t seem to matter.

The pup named, Cholita, was the only big responsibility we had when we were house sitting. I have never had a dog, and I probably would really really have to be talked into it, but there is something about the unconditional love from a pooch, it’s sweet. Cho wanted to love us all the time. She followed me around the house. Sometimes I really wanted to be alone, the half bath was my friend.  This sweet doggie made the kids so happy. She would run, bark, chew, lick, sniff. The kids thought she was the most fascinating thing. I liked having something fill the hours that my anxiety was taking over. I could take Cho for a walk and I was not being selfish, but I still could retreat and benefit from that. Animals really are a blessing from the Lord.

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So as the day approached that we would close on our mountain home, it was a welcomed relief that we could come back to the Hatch’s house and pet the kitty, Laura, chase Cholita around the living room, crawl into bed and have a fresh cuppa coffee and be ready to pack and move all over again.




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