ImageThis is where I’m resting my feet. This is where the end of the school year has sent me. We packed up our life, we coasted around a bit, and here in the month of June we are in our new home. Now, we live half way up a mountain. It’s pretty amazing. I have to stop looking out the windows some days and finish unpacking or doing the dishes. But there will be many days for me to reflect on this place that seems to be such a heavenly gift. A place where I can quietly discover nature that I’ve never seen and listen to the quiet that I’ve craved for so long. I’ll share all those thoughts. For now, I want to return to this blog and reflect on that crazy limbo that happened in between: May 2013.

My beautiful Eden B turned eight at the beginning of May. She is warm, thoughtful, and smart. She loves animals, babies and nature. She is my companion, helping me and being a listening ear. She has begun to offer her advice to me, and express her ideas. A lot of them are so worthy of hearing.

ImageShe is a beautiful child. She makes me gasp sometimes as I witness her fresh face and sparkling eyes. She writes very well, and draws well too. She’s a precious friend to her big sister, building a relationship that is nurturing and forever. Sometimes it’s a bit bossy, but the core of the sister bond makes my heart swell. I didn’t grow up with a sister. A darling introvert she is, but she speaks with that sparkle to adults and other kids. She bounces and roars with the best of them. And she craves friends that are near and far, yet she only expresses this desire ever so often, and it is heart-felt and sweet. “I really like playing with Saida.” or “I miss Rehema.” and her cousin Joanna, and her aunt Amy bring her to tears she will miss them so much. 



We got Eden’s ears pierced for her 8th birthday. It was a big girl experience for sure! She was brave and she let me know that it did, in fact, hurt more than I had let on. The lady who pierced her ears was worried she would barf. But no, I knew what that looked like! She said she was kinda shaky, but again, so brave. It was a perfect event for 8.Image


We had a taco dinner with both sets of grandparents. She hasn’t had that since she turned 3. It was a beautiful day. We moved in at Mom and Dad’s on May 1st, and so having an outdoor meal on their deck was peaceful and comfortable. Eden wanted strawberry shortcake. Lovely happy birthday.






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