The High Place

Little Archer, originally uploaded by katiek2.

Our journey brought us here. To this patch of woodsy heaven that we have had our hearts set on for months. We couldn’t think of anywhere else that would take us out of such a great neighborhood like Jefferson Heights. We have fallen completely in love with the places that surround us. The rocks and trees made to glow in the sun. The chipmunks scampering around the rocks and into holes. The moths, spiders, ants and birds. It is all too much to describe. And it is a sanctuary, a place where there is peace, and stillness. It is a place where I feel chapters of our lives as a family will be written.
Joel has had a word from the Lord enter his life through a dream. He had a funny sequence of events that led him to the phrase “a good year”. And as I gasped for breath under the weight of the steps it took us to get here. Sometimes it was weeping that I could not control. I felt so silly, everything was laid out in front of me, I just had to keep walking forward. “It’s going to be a Good Year.” Joel would say,” I really think we need to hold onto that.”
We have been here for almost two weeks. We have boxes everywhere and almost every wall is beige (yuck). But every night, Joel and I will sit on the porch outside of our bedroom and listen to the rustling, and screeches of nocturnal animals. We will let moths rest on our knees as we talk about the next steps in our adventure. We laugh about our cars that rattle and rust, but we have TWO HOUSES! What the what??? It’s comical really. We talk about friends we want to invite, and the beauty of the yard work accomplished. I have mosquito bites in the strangest places. Everyone but me has a small spot of poison ivy somewhere on their body. No matter, this is the best. It is beauty, peace, rest and joy! I can’t communicate how good of a gift this home is. Our home in Jefferson Heights was a miracle, and so is this.
I am intoxicated by the sun through the trees, I’m afraid to commit my time to anything that will take me far from it’s siren song. I also am stretching my muscles and limbs to be a hostess again. It’s a discipline that I haven’t nurtured in a while. The Lord will need to give me grace as I host any number of friends and their children. I love them all, and what a gift I want to share with them.
So, I am feeling like every day is a vacation. I hope that the work that this home will bring us, will be so extraordinary and that I will grow the way God has intended.


3 thoughts on “The High Place

  1. Jeannette

    so thankful that you have found home. the natural world is so deeply, deeply restorative. wishing you many blessings. And good luck with the painting!

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