Beach freedom

We got back from Hilton Head last week. Our bookend to the summer. This year had a sense of finality to it as our kids showed more freedom and we felt more restlessness in our space. It seems so bratty to say that we are “tired” of the timeshare, but after sitting through a sales pitch for timeshares other places we did get to thinking. Joels sense of adventure is greater than mine, but as we exit babyhood of our kids we look forward to new places and challenges.



So we talked about exchanging the week, taking advantage of other weeks that Joel’s parents have other places. Now that we homeschool it’s not too far out of the realm of possibility.
But oh, the week was good. Relaxing and refreshing. I soaked up every smell,  weather pattern, moment to sleep, and ocean breeze. I wanted to swim longer, bike longer, stay up later, eat more…























But home, it is cooler. Better for all these freckled faces. See you next year, Mr. Ocean.


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