The Enemy wants me to fail. But…

He prowls like a roaring lion waiting to devour me. Yeah. I’ve been keeping that on my mind for a while. He wants me to scream at my kids. He wants me to get afraid of every little thing. And some days, I feel like he wins. But I tell myself: You have been given a very important job. You are parenting the next generation. You are also teaching other people’s children. You also are a wife “til death do us part”. It is not in Gods plan for the enemy to win. The enemy will not win the war. So, with the knowledge of that victory, I take up each battle knowing that I’ve already won. It might still be hard to deal with the anxiety and sadness. The thoughts of failure loom around my head. I have the ultimate champion contending for me, my children, my marriage, my sanity. And for everyone else’s too! God has won, and with that i pick up my to-do lists and I believe each day will have victories. Each day will have joys. I can plan for my health and well-being and not believe I’m already defeated, because I’m not! I believe He has more for me than I have planned even. So, I will get up, do my chores, and look forward to the gifts and blessings he has in store for me! Gifts like time with my husband. Time to paint and make good food. Time to go out with my girlfriends. Time to spend in the outdoors. Time to take care if myself with exercise. The “what-ifs” still haunt, but I believe He can take that away too, and show me His perfect plan and rest in His arms. I see that prowling lion and I feel my faith rising. Oh Lord. Your daughter is willing to fight each battle, because you are my champion. You have won the war for my life.


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