With all my heart

Tessa is almost 5 years old. I say this with some shame because I am finally getting a portrait painted of her and it is painful. It’s slow. But my trials to get a portrait painted of my youngest is very important. She is important. Photogenic? She may take after me in that department. Rubber faces we are. When I was thinking of what image to use for her portrait I was waiting for the one that popped out at me as something that captured her beauty, her personality and had the potential to have symbolism added to it.

She’s a joy. She’s a firecracker. She’s the girl that God knew we needed. It is my pleasure to paint her. Right now, her portrait is in a standstill. I have struggled with it, late into the night sometimes, waiting for what skill I have to come through and represent her perfectly. The tough part is, I chose a three-quarter view portrait. I recall the last piece I tried at three-quarter view, I ended up chopping that part off and restretching the whole piece. But that’s not an option, so I have been praying for it. I have been asking God to show me and use the skill He gave me to make it right, technically. I look forward to adding that symbolism. Beef up the background and making it a piece that reflects what a joy she is to all of us. And I can add it to the other two pieces that bring that forever thankfulness to our home.




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