The Zoo



It has been several years since we have been to the Atlanta Zoo. This time we had a couple of great reasons to go. First, our kiddos are bigger. We had no strollers or gadgets, we just walked and enjoyed the place, for three hours! I never thought I’d see the day. It was very rewarding. The kids sat through explanations, shows and took turns when they needed to. They were all thrilled to see and read all sorts of info, and Joel and I were free to walk leisurely, enjoying the sights for ourselves. I loved it. The other awesome reason to go was that the Zoo has Giant Pandas, and Tessa LOVES pandas.



Animals are so beautiful. I think I am more overwhelmed by their beauty than the children, I’m sure. It’s amazing to see the small and large, the exotic and seemingly ordinary. And watching them be themselves, makes me think of how creative our God is. It’s like watching things I’ve never dreamed of move around and take breaths and move gracefully. The folks who handled the animals, taught us bits of information, and asked and answered questions seemed to be so passionate about the same things I am completely in awe of. They truly love the wonder of these animals. Think or say what you will about zoos, I am happy i got to see an amazing tiger. I wouldn’t get to see that “in the wild”.



A wonderful day that is chalked up to a homeschool field trip and a great pause before Joel started his new job. We finished it off with the bells and whistles of Dave and Busters and milkshakes.


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