Halloween, I forgot. Viking, Flamingo, Puma, and Katie Luther.


I’m a bit behind, so let me catch up. Here are our Halloween 2013 costumes. We’ve got Josiah the gigantic Viking, I was very pleased with his choice this year. Very little to buy or make. We picked up the felt beard at a local craft show a couple years back. The hat was from Warrior Dash that Joel and his buddies ran a year or so ago. Josiah wore my fuzzy vest and my boots ( we are now the same shoe size and T-shirt size) I bought a $5 flat black sheet for his cape. Oh, and his main request was a battle axe. I bought a dowel, painted it black, formed an axe shape form cardboard and covered it with duct tape. Since my duct tape was blue (what the) I had to spray paint it silver. Note to self: Always have SILVER duct tape.IMG_8520

IMG_8525Tessa was a puma (black cat). Again, an easy thing to quickly do. I did make ears and tail. I whip stitched poly felt to a headband and made separate ears that are stuffed. I wanted her ears to have some longevity because the girls play “kitties” pretty often. I added bling, because I had it. Tacky glue is my friend. I bought some feather boa for a the tail. Wrapped it around some floral wire, and sewed a felt nubby to one end so it could be pinned to Tess without scratching. Not as much longevity with this tail. Feathery bits everywhere, bleah. I dislike feathers, but not as much as glitter.IMG_8526IMG_8531
I gave Eden the choice of being a peacock (like she was a few years back) or a flamingo. Pink clothes are easy to put together. I had a blast making the mask. Those flamingo beaks are an unusual shape though! I bought a plain plastic mask and then used a paper plate to create a hook-like tube beak. I attached the beak with duct tape. Creating the curve of the flamingo beak was tough as I had to clip the end of the beak tube, and retape the tip. Once the right shape was achieved, I painted over the duct tape with white paint. I couldn’t think of a better way to make the tip of the flamingo beak black, other than to paint the tip so it could fade perfectly. I glued some coffee filters to the beak to cover up all the plasticky surfaces, kinda paper mâché style. I could not find pink feathers I liked, so I bought pink poly felt and cut feather shapes out. I layered them around the eye area. I did find white feathers I liked, so I glued those to frame out the mask and give it drama. The mask got bling too, of course! My client was happy (Eden B) and I told her I would be glad to make a bird mask each year. They’re fun! I also, made Eden a tail out of another pink feather boa with wire wrapped through it so I could loop it around like a flamingo tail. Again, I put felt at the end where Eden would wear it so nothing poked her.IMG_8517IMG_8519
My mom put on her historical best on to answer the door for trick or treaters. She dressed as Katie Luther. She researches her favorite parts of history down to the tiny bits. She made her bonnet and stuffed it with a grey wig to fill it out and make it look more accurate. Mom says she has made several bonnets for her other dress up occasions, and the adult bonnets are huge, while the children’s bonnet pattern is a little small. My precious peanut-head of a mom. She dresses up as a Puritan for the ESL Thanksgiving feast. Super cute, and her students love it. She’s gotten my dad to dress up too. He loves her a lot.

I like sharing the run down of how I made costumes. I have gotten really elaborate in years past, but my theory is, buy things you will use again, and the things you don’t use again, don’t spend too much time on them so throwing them away won’t hurt so much. Glue, simple stitches, staples (if you must) and plain bits of clothing, that should do it!



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