Reflections on Winter

My house smells like whatever has been cooking on the cast iron pan, or the fireplace.
I have to plan certain activities around my house according to the sunset. Like getting the mail, taking out the trash, gathering kindling for a fire and getting anything from the basement or lower porch; all of these things require daylight in my opinion.
Waking up with the sun is ideal, but can cause great tardiness.
When the leaves are all fallen off the branches, the light show of city lights begins.
The sounds of birds in the woods is like a wonderful gift.
When many inches of dead wet leaves cover the earth, there is a new living environment underneath. Colorful squishy fungi, salamanders and millipedes tell you that the world is still very much alive.
A good broth on the stove for hours makes everyone happy to eat dinner no matter what that broth becomes. Well, most of us, Tess is still a wild card
And that fog, rain, and greyness can be a comforting blanket for my mind, heart and home.





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