The Tessa

Our Tessa turned 5, 4 days after Christmas. We enjoyed a family celebration on her birthday with a chicken noodle soup lunch and a chocolate pound cake with “white vanilla icing the drips inside the hole” per request of the birthday girl. The cake was delish, even if it came out in a couple pieces, and the icing looked like spaghetti noodles. It’s still kinda pretty.

Sweet, sweet girl. Happy 5 years.
We had a party for her with all her friends a week later. Everyone is so tired of partying, sweets and gifting. I find one week (or more) just makes people happier. The request for the party was chocolate cupcakes. I couldn’t get a good “theme” out of Tess, which was fine, we made it about animals and everyone was happy! I made pandas (!!) with the buttercream icing left over from cake #1. It was seriously yummy. Kept it cute and simple. Mini Oreo ears, easy. Melted chocolate chips in a ziploc bag with the tiniest corner snipped for piping eyes,nose and mouth. I was done decorating 24 of them in no time. All kids were pleased, and icing was so so yummy. Butter and sugar, can’t beat it.



Piggies in blankets, juices, fruits and nuts. All you need. And I guess your favorite plastic animals in little party hats (thanks Martha, or Pinterest).

Love my sweet baby. It was so great making life happy for her 5th birthday. Her big brother and sister helped make it bright too. She is a light for everyone she touches. We can’t imagine life without her. It’s so great to be a Tessa.


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