Portrait of Gideon, originally uploaded by katiek2.

Thinking of this little guy today. He is almost 11 now. Praying for him to get better, and better, and better.
My mama heart beats heavy when I hear of his suffering and struggle. My mama heart hurts when I think of my friend Lynn and what she has to do every day to take care of all her boys. My mind goes haywire thinking of all the things that have to fall into place.
And then I remember that our lives rest in the unchanging hands of God. Where ever we may squirm and fight, or however our bodies may fail to keep up, we are in the hands of God. We can’t fall, we cannot be separate, we are there. Even if life is shorter that we wish, God has not left us, He is there, we are in His hands. My hands are far away from helping, my mind gets too distracted, and my resources are small, but God’s hands are BIG.
Gideon, Mighty Warrior, has an unfailing support. The Lord.


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