Our Wednesday


A post that got ignored for many months. This is a picture Eden snapped on one of our school days at the Camp House. We pack up, take our sweet Tessa to New City Fellowship for Pre K and then we go to have school somewhere else. Good coffee and oatmeal with berries take my tired mama brain to a happy place. The big kids know the ritual so well. I get them a treat at 10:30, and they work on vocab words, science worksheets, and they do reading for literature class. We see friends from church (since Camp House is also our church building) and other homeschooled friends some days. The MX in the back has provided some great items in my wardrobe. Today I scored some pretty 25 cent headbands for the girls, some cute belts for me and a dress shirt for Jos. And the friendly faces behind the coffee bar and at the MX feed my need to talk to grown ups. It is a welcomed retreat.
Now I’m recharged from the tiring early week, I can take on the end of the week. It’s the coffee, it’s just so so good.


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