Flower Garden Crocus Craft

This week I’m the helper at Tessa’s Pre K class and my general rule is that the craft I do must come from what I already have in the house. It’s pretty easy when there are only 8 girls. A craft for one gender: even easier, just sayin’. So to will spring here sooner, I bring you our flower bed. Think happy late winter crocuses! (and pay no attention to my son’s dirty cereal bowl)

I’ve been collecting paper egg cartons for the next time we get farm eggs, or for crafting. I don’t hoard much at home, but keeping 4 or 5 cartons has been very helpful. I also have a happy dream about replicating that awesome Anthro window display. Someday. Anyway, first step separate your egg carton into desired size of flower bed. We chose three sections each.

We pre-painted each flower bed green. We kept it pretty brushy, so it looked like grass and dried faster. Also, punching a hole through the top of each section with a pair of scissors would be good too. It makes for easier stem insertion.

Fold a pipe cleaner in half and insert into the hole. We chose all kinds of colors and patterns.

Then, when you’ve chosen 3 colors of cupcake papers you like, fold three of them in half all together and snip a small slit through all three papers. Insert the pipe cleaner stem through the slit and make a loop or twist in the center to keep them on.

Fluff out your papers a bit and then underneath your flower bed twist the pipe cleaner down so the flowers don’t fall out.

After doing this craft with the Pre K today, I would definitely do this with older kids, like 5-6 year olds. The 3-5 year olds needed lots of assembly help, which I figured would happen, but it would be nice if the kids had more control for this craft.


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