Hedgehog craft: Pinterest Win


Hedgie, he is named. It’s my turn to be the parent helper for our little Pre K co-op and so I hit up my Pinterest board called “Littles Gonna Make” for an idea. See, I don’t call my time on Pinterest a waste, it’s actually work. I get ideas and I make them come true. I also have yet to have an epic ‘Pinterest fail’. I choose wisely, but oh man, when I do get an epic fail, be sure, you will see it here! Anyway, I found this tutorial and it looked fun. The problem with using it for Pre K is that I had a whopping total of 3 paper plates. That meant that just Tessa was going to get to make this. It took her no time at all cuz she has mad scissor skills. For someone a year younger, it would be a great practice and a cute successful result. First, you fold a paper plate in half. Then, I took some tacky glue and smeared some on the plate where the hedgehog body will be. Then, you (or in our case, the kid) draw the profile of the hedgehog on one side and cut the face out. Tessa used a purple sharpie so when she watercolored Hedgie, his face wouldn’t smear. I guess you also could make him festive and give him a googly eye. I love googly eyes.

20140304-194500.jpg Hand it off to the youngster with the scissors and let them chop away at the top half! The fringes are very satisfying. Tessa enjoyed painting Hedgie’s front and back a browny-orange. Of course, she happened to color the face again with a flair felt tip pen and that pen, my friends, bleeds when wetted. Just a side note.

Good little craft. If we had had enough plates we would have brought the Mitten story and made hedgehogs. We will leave that for another time. Or you can snatch that idea up, I don’t blame you.


Little Makers gonna make! No hating.


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