Eden is Nine



She is such a gift, I can’t even begin to explain. Watching her grow takes my breath away and I am so thankful that I can still see that chubby cheeked toddler down there inside. She is so beautiful, and introspective. I want to hold her so close to my heart so she never ever gets hurt. And then, when in a situation that may cause her to struggle, she shrugs it off. That’s her Papa in her.


She loves everything natural, small and precious. Flowers, acorns, animals, treasures.



I found her on her birthday with a self made crown, in a sweet dress (she’s usually in jeans) and my green poncho, skipping from rock to rock in the yard. She greets the morning and the cat. I step away from the coffee pot and take a few phone pictures of her on her birthday. She has me wrapped around her finger.













Then she gets butterfly wings from her friends for a birthday present. The frolicking continues for more days, all the way through the woods and up the mountain. I know someday she will put childish things aside, but I want it to stay as long as possible. Stay adventurous, quiet, mis-matchy and hilarious. Where crowns, and smiles, and freckles with pride.


Her Creative Writing teacher gave her an award, which just so happened to be on her birthday. the “Creative Genius Award”. Of course. Oh my sweet girl, always create. Write and draw until your fingers are tired. You are so beautiful, such an oasis of love, affection and connection. You are my girl, my Eden.



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