Hi everyone. It’s NaBloPoMo. I have been wanting to blog again, so I’m going to take on this challenge. Be prepared for, well, something.

It’s been over a year since I blogged last. Oh dear. It’s been a tough one. I am thankful for the mercies that have been given us. But, I have felt the struggle of sin and death in the world more this year that most. Social media doesn’t help. Things like Ebola, the shooting of reservists here in Chattanooga, marriages dissolving, cancer, surgeries, illnesses, accidents and disease. What is left, I am full of great anxiety about it all. I would love to say that I found a solution. A magic way to breathe through it. Maybe even a happy pill. Nope.

I will say that the Bible is the best, most life-giving, most honest, most soul-food ever. It is not a calming breath at the end of yoga. It’s not a happy pill that helps you sleep. It is the truth. The truth is not something that solves all your problems, but it is not transient or needing refills. It is there in the middle of the night. It is there when all we have is the eternal, it is there. So I have started a habit ever since this past winter when my anxiety level was through the roof. Bible verses on index cards. I carried them in my back pocket. I posted them on the IG. I’d stick them next to my bowl of cereal. I’d prop them up against the bathroom mirror. The Bible. Here’s a taste. See ya tomorrow.

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Arise and shine. #biblecards #isaiah #fall

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Food that my spirit needs #biblecards

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