Busy Monday


A word about Mondays. Mondays are dubbed Busy Mondays at my house. It is the only day I go to work, outside the home, all day, and someone else is in charge of my kids. I have to be prepared to teach about 40 students, from grade 3-12. Monday’s activities dominate about half of my weekend on average. This weekend it took a little more effort. Most Mondays, I come home pretty tired, but I still have some gumption to make a simple dinner for my family, clean up, and exercise. Not today though.

IMG_0176 IMG_0240

Daylight Savings Time sucks the life out of us today. We meet my in-laws at a restaurant and it’s almost dark. Eden doesn’t like her food and curls up in a ball in the booth. We are all tired. Once we are home, I do the few chores that I see around the house. Then I decide it’s time to talk to my husband.

The conversation, I thought, starts innocently enough. I am sure that there is something stressing him out. The conversation ends, two hours later, with less peace than it began with. We are so tired. All I wanted, was to connect away from the busy. Have a few more words than “hi” and “bye”. I worry we are losing our grasp on finding that touch stone. I feel I am needy and he is moody. I’m not at peace, he goes to bed.

So what do I do when I feel no peace, but I am also glad this conflict came to light? I have faith that tomorrow will have new mercies. I will pray for my husband and bless him, not complain to God. I will have faith that peace will come.


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