About Me

20131106-233702.jpgI have been blogging since 2004. It has become something that I occasionally visit now, rather than the everyday. I stop to record major impressions of my world onto my heart, my faith, and how it worked itself out. My blog has become something more than who I am as a mother, a wife, an artist, etc. It has become a place where I can publicly journal, share common emotions and thoughts. I wonder if making money on a blog would be worth a go, but then I realize why I started to blog in the first place. I have always had a journal. I have always desired to put words together and create a snapshot with them.
And speaking of snapshots, I have never fancied myself a photographer, but I do love to share an image that incapsulates the things I wish to write about. The beauty of life, the putting together of sight and sounds.

About me. This place is probably the parts of me that one might never see. I’m a doer, a goer, a maker. This blog is where I stop, really. So have a quick read, and know that this really is a blog persona. I’m not nearly this introspective, day in and day out. My days are filled with my family and my home. I am blessed to have been married for 14 years, and to have a beautiful, peaceful place to live. I am also blessed to teach what I love. I teach art for a homeschooling group, going on 7 years now. I am blessed that I get to homeschool my own children and see them grow and learn right under my roof. I am blessed to be able to make things with my hands and share beauty with the world. It reflects how my Creator God has made me, and what I believe I am commanded to do. I hope that the years of this blog will make me smile, and all those involved smile. You know who you are, I’ve probably linked something back to you, somewhere!

So here’s where my “motto” comes from. This isn’t an add that WordPress put at the bottom of my post 🙂

I want to add to the beauty. I want to do it today.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Jane Miller

    Hi-Your mom introduced me to Covenant. I met my husband to- be there, (Steve) and we graduated together in ’73. We raised goats on the Mt. and drank the milk at the suggestion of Prof. Steensma. Beth’s dad sang at our wedding in 1970 in Hopewell, Va. I play the piano. I love listening to Andrea Bocelli. We like you dad’s music, too as do my 3 adult children. We’ll be in Chattanooga for a nephew’s wedding on Jan. 5. A life’s motto from a Covenant professor: “Give beauty back to God.”

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