Monster Mouth Patches: Pinterest Win


I have yet to find good jeans for my daughter, Eden. She plows through the knees of everything. Last spring, we went to Old Navy and bought some cute jeans and tops. The jeans did not make one year. Of course, I’m not totally sure these jeans will fit her much longer. But, until they don’t cover her bum at all, I wanted to patch her teal jeans, because they are cute. I saw this pin on Pinterest and I thought I’d give it a whirl.

I didn’t take a ton of pictures during this pair, but little sis now wants her own monstrous knees, so I’ll show you steps of Tessa’s too. So, first, trim the fringy, hairy bits from the holes of your jeans. Make it nice and clean. Then, next, you make a small rolled hem under so your opening has a frayed edge no more! Then, I gathered a strong material and a pretty material that would fit inside the hole and the surrounding weaker area, like a good patch should.


Next, I sewed the two materials together with a simple stitch. So, one side of the patch is strong and one side is pretty. Pin the patch to the inside of your jeans and sew the patch with as small stitches as possible to the jeans in the shape of the square you cut out. Small stitches will hold the patch well, but not be super visible. I am not really good at this, my mom was, and I’m sure if you read that this works and looks better, you’ll try it!


Next, cut your felt out. I used poly felt, because I wasn’t sure if wool felt would work at all. After Eden has worn these jeans a few times, and I’ve washed them once, I’ll say be ready for the teeth to get messed up first. I may even replace them later. I tacked the teeth in, just under the rolled hem. Then after the teeth are set, I went ahead and tacked down the entire mouth hole. I also tacked down each tooth, I figured that would help with the wash and wear.


The eyes that the Pinterest pin showed were just ‘x’s’ and I thought that worked the best too. I grabbed some light pink embroidery thread and made some x marks the spot eyes.


The night before I finished these, I stopped before I made the monster mouth commitment. When I told Eden the next morning that I thought about making the patches monster mouths she had a twinkle in her eye and said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Give this one a try! It’ll take the sting out of your sore index finger when you see monsters grinning on your child’s knees. Eden went around the next day or so pretending to bite us with her knees. Crazy kid. Who does she belong to?


Flower Garden Crocus Craft

This week I’m the helper at Tessa’s Pre K class and my general rule is that the craft I do must come from what I already have in the house. It’s pretty easy when there are only 8 girls. A craft for one gender: even easier, just sayin’. So to will spring here sooner, I bring you our flower bed. Think happy late winter crocuses! (and pay no attention to my son’s dirty cereal bowl)

I’ve been collecting paper egg cartons for the next time we get farm eggs, or for crafting. I don’t hoard much at home, but keeping 4 or 5 cartons has been very helpful. I also have a happy dream about replicating that awesome Anthro window display. Someday. Anyway, first step separate your egg carton into desired size of flower bed. We chose three sections each.

We pre-painted each flower bed green. We kept it pretty brushy, so it looked like grass and dried faster. Also, punching a hole through the top of each section with a pair of scissors would be good too. It makes for easier stem insertion.

Fold a pipe cleaner in half and insert into the hole. We chose all kinds of colors and patterns.

Then, when you’ve chosen 3 colors of cupcake papers you like, fold three of them in half all together and snip a small slit through all three papers. Insert the pipe cleaner stem through the slit and make a loop or twist in the center to keep them on.

Fluff out your papers a bit and then underneath your flower bed twist the pipe cleaner down so the flowers don’t fall out.

After doing this craft with the Pre K today, I would definitely do this with older kids, like 5-6 year olds. The 3-5 year olds needed lots of assembly help, which I figured would happen, but it would be nice if the kids had more control for this craft.

Hedgehog craft: Pinterest Win


Hedgie, he is named. It’s my turn to be the parent helper for our little Pre K co-op and so I hit up my Pinterest board called “Littles Gonna Make” for an idea. See, I don’t call my time on Pinterest a waste, it’s actually work. I get ideas and I make them come true. I also have yet to have an epic ‘Pinterest fail’. I choose wisely, but oh man, when I do get an epic fail, be sure, you will see it here! Anyway, I found this tutorial and it looked fun. The problem with using it for Pre K is that I had a whopping total of 3 paper plates. That meant that just Tessa was going to get to make this. It took her no time at all cuz she has mad scissor skills. For someone a year younger, it would be a great practice and a cute successful result. First, you fold a paper plate in half. Then, I took some tacky glue and smeared some on the plate where the hedgehog body will be. Then, you (or in our case, the kid) draw the profile of the hedgehog on one side and cut the face out. Tessa used a purple sharpie so when she watercolored Hedgie, his face wouldn’t smear. I guess you also could make him festive and give him a googly eye. I love googly eyes.

20140304-194500.jpg Hand it off to the youngster with the scissors and let them chop away at the top half! The fringes are very satisfying. Tessa enjoyed painting Hedgie’s front and back a browny-orange. Of course, she happened to color the face again with a flair felt tip pen and that pen, my friends, bleeds when wetted. Just a side note.

Good little craft. If we had had enough plates we would have brought the Mitten story and made hedgehogs. We will leave that for another time. Or you can snatch that idea up, I don’t blame you.


Little Makers gonna make! No hating.

Simple, Happy, Project: A Home for my Earrings

I have seen many an earring holder on Etsy or Pinterest. I have wanted something that organizes without being on my bathroom counter. I have a lovely jewelry box my grandpa made, but it’s not practical for everyday. It is also falling apart.
I had seen picture frames with screen in it, all dolled up painted white or shiny black or decoupaged ((shudder)). Not me, at all.
I have quite a few doilies from wedding gifts, to antique store finds, to grandmas stash I inherited bits of.
So, in my mind’s eye I made a plan. I had a shadow box frame that had two parts. Part one was used as a Heidi diorama, part two was an insert that had no purpose.
Wham, bam, get this done! One rectangular doily from grandmas stash + shadowbox frame + staple gun!

I placed the doily carefully under the frame and pulled up the top edge over the top of the frame and to the back side. I strategically stapled the doily so that it would be easy to remove someday. Crafts that work temporarily can be a gift when you need to downsize or de-clutter, right?

I did the bottom edge and then left, right. Seeing as I have stretched many a canvas, I knew this would give me the taught surface I desired. I put three staples on each edge total. This was kinda tricky as my frame is thin. A thicker frame would lend itself better to staples.
br />
Booyah. I had a deep enough frame to hang on a nail by “my side” of the bathroom sink. Now, for displaying my necklaces, that was another less crafty solution.


Post Script: I was joking with my friend, Jen, about how I didn’t staple down the corners. I left them flopping all over. I did this for a few reasons. 1) I liked the scalloped edge of the doily and I wanted it to peek out. 2) It added to the temporary quality to this object, therefore easier to take apart when needed. (Believe me, pulling out staples from perfectly stapled corners is NO FUN!) and 3) I’m a lazy crafter. I have only a few OCD tendencies, and this did not involve any 🙂

Make yourself one next time you break the glass out of that frame and find a fun doily that won’t match anything else. Your bathroom counter will feel so big!