SPC #3 Resolutions

jan07 091.jpg
One thing I would really like to do this next year. This new year of lots of changes, moving to a new place, brand new house, old friends, new church etc. I want to be even more natural, carefree, and happy with where I am and who I am. I have things I want to improve, but mostly I want to work on what God made me to be. That means lots of hard work, but also that means less self-absorbtion and more rolling with it. This picture is one Josiah took last week after his first day of school. I love it. It’s not the most flattering picture of me, but it’s very natural. I have that “Oh I love you, my little boy, let me give you a great big grin to prove it!”. Josiah loves taking pictures and I’m not going to miss out on this creative experience. That’s part of me being less uptight and more relaxed and natural. It’s kinda cheesy but good and true.


SPC Resolutions #2

jan07 053.jpg
jan07 038.jpg
jan07 049.jpg
Again, I don’t like to use “resolution” because these are things I always strive to do, but this is a good exercize for me, so… I resolve to play outside with my kids more. Especially since Josiah got a tee-ball set, and a soccer ball with net for Christmas. He’s got a pretty good hit. Passersby were cheering him on yesterday as he popped them up in the air. Eden likes retrieving the ball, not so much yesterday, she didn’t even like the camera that much, as you can see. But it’s great to spend so much sunny time with my kids. Far far away from the TV.

SPC Resolutions #1

dec06 331.jpg
My first SPC Resolutions is not really a resolution because I always want to do this. No matter whether its May, June or January. I got to it and put some color on canvas. I want to knock this out asap. I got forms for Cleveland State Tech for their facilities. They need art I guess! So I need to pump out some new ones because they want work that’s less than 4 years old. Post-Josiah art! That’s an easy way to figure what I’ve got! I’m working on this adoption piece and I hope to make a new pod series really soon. I need to get down to IKEA for more frames. To be continued…
dec06 333.jpg
dec06 335.jpg

SPC Red #2

dec06 131.jpg
Driving back from Dalton yesterday with the kids. We all deserved a Dum Dum. Nothing sold there, bummer, I don’t think they advertised very well.
dec06 125.jpg
I didn’t see that many sold stickers. Signe had some work there, man, I love her stuff. If I had $500 I would take one home. But last night after trucking around Home Depot looking at what kinda color scheme will work for our new kitchen, we came home and found that the Bird Pod has been purchased! Merry Christmas Bird pod owners! I thought it would never sell! Everyone complimented me up and down and no one was buying it, until now. Yeah. Now I can buy more presents for Joel.


dec06 074.jpg
Oh I am so tired and so over Christmas cookied. Ugh. It was good to go out with Cat last night and chisel away at more presents last night. But dude, Christmas is expensive! I worked a couple days at Lee U this week and it is really fun to be away from the kiddies and be helpful and interact with others, but when I think about my kids while I’m working I remember I really don’t want to be handing them off so I can work.
I rolled by the house in progress after work and the insulation was going up, the roof was getting started and there were workers crawling all over the upper porch. Man, its so exciting! I can’t wait to have a brand….new…..house! Wow. I then rolled over to Willisons to get the kids. Jos was still napping and Eden was standing 3 inches from Cinderella. Mary Ferris and little Henry were visiting and Jess welcomed me in, “Katie, you want some wine?” “Soooo, it’s been one of those kinda days!” I said. It was very fun to meet Mary and have a smidge of down time with the new community that is brewing here in Chattanooga.
Back to the red. This months Self Portrait Challenge is red and this is my only Christmas project to display. I finished the little girl stitchette the other day and have started the little boy tonight. I hope to make little stuffed ornaments/dolls with them. I wanted to make button wreaths, maybe another puff or poinsetta wreath, finish our stockings from last year. I mean there were lots of great Christmas projects out there.
dec06 072.jpg
This was a nice therapeutic project though. Its so nice to do something special with my hands while I can spend time with my family.
dec06 064.jpg
We had a goofy time with our tree trimming this year. Mom decided that her living room would be too small for them, us and Kirk’s family. So Dad took down the French doors and Mom built a wall of boxes dividing the room and we stuck the tree inside. It’s kinda wierd, but we have plenty of room and the tree is delightful. The kids and the cat leave the last foot of the tree naked, but it’s charming and loaded with traditional goodness. Josiah and Eden had a ball running around the tree farm and watching Grandpa and Papa put the tree up and lights on. We all nogged it up (rum and no rum alike) and listened to a little Sufjan.
dec06 053.jpg
I’ll have Lu Lu along with my kids tommorow and I’m glad it will be warm so we can hit Ross’ Landing playground. Anyone wanna join us?
And this weekend we will go down to Marietta so Joel can train his replacement at Venture Phys Therapy. And, oh yeah, he got in a fender-bender and we will have to pick up the tried and true Camry to replace the Corolla that is not worth fixing. God is good. I feel like my emotions are balancing out and with Christmas right around the corner I feel like life will return to normal state. The contact with familiar friends and places is becoming less of a shock and more just real. I am kinda nervous about taking the kids back down to Marietta. I hope there are no hard separation moments.

SPT Glam #4

nov06 207.jpg
nov06 205.jpg
This is the last week of Self Portrait Challenge Glam Month. It’s been a fun challenge. I haven’t had nearly as much success as Joy has. I love her photo shoots, I guess it helps to have a photoblogging husband that takes great shots! It’s hard to be glamorus when you have to take the pics yourself. These are my “Lady sings the Blues” glam shots. Not that I am blue, I’m doing alright. There are so many things to think about, and the biggest conflict I have is the part-time job. I want it to be perfect. I don’t want to put anyone out, and I don’t want to be away from my kids too much. Joel thinks I’m crazy sometimes, well, most of the time. This has been something he doesn’t get about me since day one. I want my job to be something that is applicable to my talents and he just wants to see the money. I have an opp to work for the book company I used to work for starting Thursday but the amount I will get paid is not quite the fundage I need for the drive it will be. I will give it a try though. And in exchange for watching little Lu, my two will have great company for two days a week. Even though we are moving gradually, I feel like it is an immediate process. Immeditely get jobs, immediately find activities for the kids, immediately unpack, help clean and cook, change phone numbers (email me if you need it BTW). There will be lots of opportunities to do things, more so than in Marietta.
nov06 203.jpg
If there are any blues for me its just been my body deciding to take sick leave when I need it to work. I’ve been wanting to dig back into two paintings that I’ve begun and my back has not been well. I am still walking, sleeping fine etc. I just need to stretch, rest and start some kinda exercize. Which if Cat had her way it would be walking with each other every evening, I’m sure. That wouldn’t be so bad at all.
nov06 201.jpg

SPT Glam #2

nov06 118.jpg

Remember those Oil of Olay commercials back in the day that would show some totally non-wrinkly woman applying this anti-aging creme in the most sophisticated of ways and the creme was applied in a totally opaque swab-blob and in a graceful movement it was transparent against her olivey skin? no? I do. It made me want to wear make-up that very instant!!
nov06 117.jpg
The one luxurious thing I have for myself every day are the beautiful products I now have to put on my body! This birthday, my 30th, I was showered with Burts Bees. I now have the Wild Lettuce Toner, Milk and Honey body Lotion, Shea Butter Hand Creme, Carrot Complexion Soap and all the tid bits from a head to toe package. But the best I think is the Radiance Creme with Royal Jelly. Man, that stuff is like putting whipped marshmallow fluff on your face and it truly makes it glow right after!!
So this is me being glamourus applying my Radiance Creme and looking radiant. And don’t all those commercials have the woman with with her perfect hair or wrapped up tightly and perfectly in a towel? Well, I set it up and snapped a few then I set it free!
nov06 124.jpg